Agnieszka Kuczkiewicz-Fraś "Perso-Arabic Loanwords in Hindustani. Part II: Linguistic Analysis"

Drugi tom "Perso-Arabic Loanwords in Hindustani" dotyczy analizy lingwistycznej:

"This book constitutes the second part of the two-volume monograph dedicated to the phenomenon of Perso-Arabic lexical borrowings in Hindustani (by some scholars also named Hindi-Urdu or Hirdu). It is a linguistic study of their adaptation, meant to demonstrate how the analyzed loanwords function in the contemporary system of the Hindustani language, through detailed examination of the adaptation processes, which occured on all the levels of this system: graphemic, phonetic and phonological, morphological, lexical and semantic. The lexical material gathered in Part I: Dictionary was taken as the corpus for this study."

Data opublikowania: 06.04.2014
Osoba publikująca: Mateusz Kłagisz